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                    "Five water co governance": the intelligent environmental protection platform of Xiasha Development Zone will be put into trial operation in August

                    Release time:2020-10-27 

                      Insufficient environmental management personnel, untimely discovery and disposal of problems, lack of on-site management means, and insufficient public participation The development zone is a big platform for industrial economic development, with many industrial enterprises. In the process of "five water co governance", these problems have been bothering the water management office of the development zone.

                      If you install a "thousand mile eye" on the enterprise's sewage outlet, you can know the pollution emission situation in real time. This "thousand mile eye" is the intelligent environmental protection platform of the development zone.

                      High altitude lookout video surveillance, exhaust video surveillance In the environmental monitoring center of the Development Zone, with the technical personnel clicking the mouse, the real-time pictures of some enterprises, communities and pumping stations in the development zone are displayed on the screen.

                      The technical personnel introduced the operation of the intelligent environmental protection platform to the inspection team. Last year, the Development Zone cooperated with spotlight technology to develop and build a national leading environmental protection supervision and comprehensive information platform by using advanced Internet of things technology. The total investment of the first phase of smart environmental protection project in the development zone is 13.58 million yuan, including four parts: the first is the environmental information software application system, the second is the monitoring center, the third is the whole process monitoring system of key pollution sources, and the fourth is the pollution source video monitoring system.

                      In August this year, the intelligent environmental protection platform will be built and put into trial operation. Relying on the Internet of things technology, the platform has realized the "six all" management of the whole process supervision, whole period monitoring, all-round monitoring of industrial enterprises' production and pollution discharge, and full recording, full transparency, and full disclosure of enterprise environmental information.

                      According to reports, the overall goal of the project is that all key industrial enterprises in the area will be included in the supervision, so as to realize no dead corner in management. At present, 26 of the 50 key industrial enterprises in the development zone have been included in the whole process supervision, and the supervision coverage rate is more than 50%. Next year, the development zone will continue to promote the construction of smart environmental protection projects to ensure that the regulatory coverage of key enterprises reaches 100%.

                      This year, the development zone will install an online monitoring system in the Qiantang River inlet and outlet section to monitor the water quality changes from time to time, and connect the operation of the rainwater and sewage pumping station to the intelligent environmental protection platform, so as to provide basic guarantee for the "five water co governance".

                      On the other hand, in view of the characteristics of more young people in the Development Zone, the smart environmental protection platform has specially developed a mobile app, Xiasha environmental eye, with the theme of "mass participation in environmental protection". Residents can send pollution photos through this mobile app. After receiving complaints, the water control office will deal with them in a timely manner, so as to realize environmental pollution casual photos and immediate complaints, and mobilize the special attention of the masses It is the enthusiasm of young people to participate in the "five water co governance".